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About Us

Butter Puss is driven by a philosophy that celebrates the extraordinary and embraces the transformative power of art, and self-expression. We curate a collection of unique LED toys and handmade crafts, providing a platform for underprivileged artists to showcase their exceptional talents to audiences who appreciate the remarkable. Our philosophy is rooted in fostering a nurturing community, empowering artists, and inspiring individuals to embrace their sense of wonder and seek joy in the little moments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower underprivileged artists from Southern Africa and to provide them with a platform to showcase their extraordinary talents. We firmly believe that artistic expression knows no boundaries, and we are committed to supporting talented individuals who may face systemic barriers in accessing opportunities to showcase their work.

By providing a marketplace for their creations, we aim to contribute to their economic empowerment, granting them the recognition and exposure they deserve while fostering an environment that champions their artistic growth.

At Butter Puss, we recognize that every artist has a story to tell and immense talent to share, regardless of their socioeconomic background. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and giving underprivileged artists the opportunity to shine, fostering an ecosystem where their creativity can flourish, and connecting them with audiences who appreciate the remarkable. 

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